Standard Construction of my Guitars
Guitar length Total -100 cm

Wood: spruce doubletop:
Nomex or wooden honeycomb
Area of the soundboard (wood area)1400 cm²,
Upper bout - 28 cm
Waist - 24 cm
Lower bout - 38 cm,
Length: 49 cm


Wood:: Rio Palisander
Total length 7 inch, 12 drill system


Lenght: 25.6 inch (650 mm), optionally 25 to 26 inch
Nut: 44 mm (1th-6th string)
Saddle: 59 mm (1th-6th string)


Wood: RIO -dalbergia nigra(CITES), dalbergia retusa, Indian Palisander, solid wood
Curvature: sphere -radius 270 cm
Strutting: 4 bars system


Solid wood

High: 9-10 cm

Neck Wood: Cedrela Odorata;
Thickness: 1st fret - 22 mm; 9th fret - 24.5 mm;
Reinforcement: triple ebony rod;
12mm levated surface of the fingerboard.

Wood: ebony
Width: nut 52.8 mm, 12th fret 62.5 mm;
19 frets + 20th for 2 treble strings;

Head Lenght 19 cm,
Thicknes 19 mm
Slots width: 18.5 mm
Tuing Machin Alessi H4 and Alessi H5 (Hauser model)
Finishing All french polished (Shellac)